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Your Luxurious Nature Retreat Awaits.


Where rustic elegance meets serene countryside living. Nestled on a 2-acre estate, this stone villa beckons with its stone pools, Tranquil Lily Pouds, and inviting stone-walled interiors.

property description


With packages starting at ₹31,999 plus taxes for up to 10 guests with complimentary breakfast.




Palatio is perfect for a range of experiences including family and friends retreat, couple's retreat, personal celebrations, CEO retreat, wellness retreat, culinary retreat, boutique weddings & entertainment including movie watching. We offer personalized experiences tailored to your needs. Our chefs can create custom menus, and our butlers can set up a BBQ, custom dining experiences, submerged dining, gazebo dining, floating breakfast, poolside dining, and more.


Submerged dining experience

basic birthday decor

Dining by the gazebo

Barbeque Experiences

Jacuzzi by the suite Ra Lounge

Cooking Experiences

Candle corner at the 5PM Lounge

Family Dining Experiences

Movie Watching Experiences


Enjoy a refreshing dip in the private swimming pool or relax on the beautiful lawn with soothing hillside views to unwind and recharge. Indulge in a variety of experiences, including candlelight dining, dining by the pool, bonfire, camping, and barbeque experiences.

car parking

Private pool

Butler service

First aid kit

Air conditioner

Outdoor Seating

Entertainment systems

Try kitchen

Barbeque Experiences


Tableware & Utensils

chef services on request

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